Today is another long day of driving as we head for Nicaragua and the town Granada, situated at the edge of lake Nicaragua. To get there we first need to pass through El Salvador and back into Honduras for a bit before entering Nicaragua. We stop briefly at a Pizza Hut for lunch and pick up a bunch of balloon animal balloons. Johan displays a modicum of proficiency with these while I mostly make my cheeks hurt filling them with air.

The scenery isn’t very inspiring either, but we do pass a few volcanoes. To pass the time we throw a bus party on tepid beer and cheap booze, it’s sixteenhours of driving though so that only takes you so far… Late in the evening we arrive at the luxurious-looking hotel Alhambra, right at the central square in town. We head down to the main street and sit down at one of the myriad of restaurants for a drink or three. It’s really nice to just sit back in the warm summer evening and watch the pick-pockets work their magic on the tourists.