Wrapping up

Sunday we spend in Harajuku in the hope of finding some dressed up people. They seems to have stayed at home today however and we only find a couple of creampuff girls and the trusty “Free Hugs” people.Creampuffs I go for a full round of hugs before we go into the park and Meiji Shrine where there’s a wedding as usual. I take the guys to the Treehouse for lunch and it turns out to be so full that we get to dine on the loft, accessible only by a small ladder. I really love that place!

For the afternoon we head out to Odaiba to see the Gundam. Someone also told me that there is an indoor amusement park there, called SEGA Joypolis. Apparently Leonardo Di Caprio loves the place and rents the entire place for him and his entourage every time he’s there. It’s kinda cool actually, they even have an indoor roller coaster with a built-in video game. There is a Ringu-themed haunted house, that fails to scare us properly, perhaps because we are unable to understand our guide (who puts on a rather good show, but entirely in Japanese). Maybe the weirdest thing about Joypolis is the game they have on the urinals where the degree of wind a girl is exposed to is determined by the force and volume of your peeing. If you do well enough her clothes blow off and leaves her in her undies.Sushi time It’s a really neat idea, but it could do with a less sexist implementation…

We finish up the day with skewers and edamame at Shimbashi station and head over to Ueno where we’re booked for the final night, since the plan is to spend the remaining time we’re here on that side of town anyway. The hotel turns out to be rather tricky to find and it’s not until we’ve asked a whole bunch of people an old man leads us several blocks from where we’re searching to find the place. The address system in Japan sure is annoying!

The following day is the last one for Anders and Hasse here, so we tick off the last must-see in Tokyo; Tsukiji fish market. It’s great as always and we follow up by standing in line for sushi for 2.5 hours in the blistering heat! Fortunately the staff is servicing us with cold tea while we wait. When we finally do get in, the sushi is very good though, red snapper being one of the favorites.Eel They have a seasonal menu where the most disgusting sounding things on it, how about some cod sperm sack for instance? Anyone? No, didn’t think so…

We sneak in one more coffee at Tom’s before heading over to Kappabashi, the kitchen- and restaurant ware district so that Anders and Hasse can load up of exquisite kitchen knives for the trip home. Since Asakusa is pretty close we finish up by visiting the temple there before parting ways.

I have a last few days here in Japan to tie up loose ends, first of which is going to ShimoKitazawa to get a new Hokusai t-shirt to replace the one Dana stole off my back on Malapascua. I really like this neighborhood, but to get the full experience, you should really go here in the evening. I make one last stop in Harajuku since it will probably be what I’ll miss most about Tokyo.

I go and pick up my remaining bag which I left in storage in Shinagawa and go find a café that Henrik mentioned before. You find it if you walk south along the river until you cross a walking bridge, it will now be on your right and it’s called Breadworks. It’s a very cozy place and I spend the rest of the afternoon there doing some blogging and just generally enjoying their free WiFi (exceptionally rare in Japan!)