Meeting the Gang

This time I’m off to India and Nepal for a month as my second trip with the Pink Caravan. Comments are as always most welcome in any language you please!

Meeting the group for the first time is good fun. I arrive at the meeting point at the ungodly hour of 5 am as specified in the papers. Even though I’m almost 20 minutes early most of them are already there. Something tells me that we won’t have a problem with stragglers on this trip. I recognize the people that I’ve seen in the Pink Caravan Facebook group. There’s Petra (who’s the spitting image of my sister Frida btw), looking relaxed in traveling sweats, nervous-seeming Helena and veteran traveler Ulrika. After a while Elin arrives as well and sets the bar by going around shaking hands with everyone. She looked like some snotty in-crowd girl from her Facebook picture but in person she’s really perky and likable so I decide I like her right off the bat.

The group seem to have an average age of about 40 with a fair share of older people. Looks like a good crowd though and I’m sure we’ll have fun! Since our tour leader Maria is already in New Delhi we’re sent off by Stefan, another tour leader at Pink Caravan. Me and Helena are each given an envelope with $5000 to bring along and give to Maria, kind of nerve wrecking really!

The flight is via London and with British Airways, as it turns out a really nice airline with good food and a great selection of in-flight entertainment! I end up next to Petra for the long haul from Heathrow to Delhi and I learn that she’s an ER-nurse with Israeli blood from Örebro. It’s shaping up to be a rather nice trip!