Why hello!

I’m Magnus and I’m a Swedish guy who likes traveling a lot. This blog is where I chronicle those travels. I have a penchant for old communist states and the architecture that goes along with it.Me I try and live by the motto that Danny Wallace came up with in his excellent book “Yes Man” (yes, the book, not the god-awful movie) and that generally leads to rather interesting situations, like when I accidentally converted to Buddhism, or when I had late night Pan with a bunch of British TV producers in New Delhi or when I ignored the complementary dinner at our unplanned layover in Dallas and ended up singing karaoke with Chuck instead.

I’m also a scuba diver and greatly enjoy what the underwater world has to offer. I live in Linköping, Sweden together with my girlfriend (whom I met in the Philippines). When I’m not traveling I work as a Software Engineer at HiQ (consultancy company), currently stationed at SAAB – working with the Gripen E fighter jet.

Some yet unvisited dream destinations:

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