Depp Fever

I’m really getting somewhere at work so I tend to put in long hours. On Tuesday I’m chatting with Lina from the Central America trip and out of the blue she suggest that she should come visit me! Awesome idea and fifteen minutes later it’s a fact, Lina will arrive on Saturday!

At the dog groomersAn old colleague of Henrik and John’s is visiting and I tag along for some after work on Thursday evening. We end up at a place in Shimbashi station that is serving deep fried stuff on skewers, really tasty! You have chicken meatballs, quail eggs, asparagus, pork, shrimp and some other stuff I’ve forgotten. You dip the skewer in some sort of thin sauce before eating it, but only once! The staff is very insistent that you only dip once, I guess they recycle the sauce.

In Roppongi you meet strange peopleWe do another after work on Friday, this time it’s John, Henrik, Norman, Stephan and me. We end up at a Hawaiian place in the Yokohama Bay Quarters. You can actually order Guinness here, but the Japanese kind isn’t very good. After a couple of hours we move on to Shinagawa and Time Shower for a bite to eat, it’s not a very good place, but the name is so awesome that we really can’t help ourselves. Stephan comes up with a better idea after a while though: Let’s buy some alcohol at the convenience store and head over to our hotel and the top floor terrace instead! Much better, the view is better and after a while we also get to meet Stephan’s wife who swings by on her way home from work (around 9 pm, Japanese work crazy hours!).

I meet up with Lina on Shinagawa station on Saturday and as a first order of business we head over to Shinjuku. I do the very same mistake as last time though and arrive at Shinjuku Goyen just as they close up… So I take her to Roppongi instead and we go exploring around Roppongi Hills. Suddenly we hear high pitched shrieks in the distance – is there a roller coaster here that I don’t know about? We investigate and to our surprise it isn’t a roller coaster but a red carpet event of some kind. WeddingAfter a little while a limo arrives and out steps Johnny Depp, followed by Tim Burton! They’re here for the premiere of Dark Shadows and do the usual long-winded red carpet thing. After a while we grow tired of the spectacle and especially the anal retentive guards that for some unknown reason don’t want you to stand any closer than one meter from the railing. As darkness falls we go around taking pictures of the skyline before heading back to Shinagawa.

Sunday is cosplay day and we go to Harajuku of course, Lina falls in love with Takeshita street just like I have. We also go to Tokyu Plaza with the wonderful Starbucks roof terrace and cool tidbits stores. We have lunch at my lovely find, the Café Hideaway and also make time for Shibuya Crossing in the evening.

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