We get to sleep in all the way to noon before we pack up and leave for the former Guatemalan capital Antigua. It’s a rather long and uneventful drive and we don’t arrive until just before dusk. Antigua is very unlike all the towns we’ve seen so far, it’s very orderly, with wide, cobblestoned, streets and comparably heavy traffic (although the poor cars probably would prefer that they’d skipped the cobble stones, their suspension is complaining loudly). We go out for a walk around town before the sun sets and one thing we notice is that there seems to be a sizable population of “white” people here  (based on the fact that they don’t look very touristy).

The whole city center consists of, rather large, square blocks with wide streets which I personally find confusing to navigate. The blocks all blend together and you forget where you’ve been much easier. It’s still a rather pretty city though, with lots of primary colors, flowers and beautiful, innovative windows. The locals seem to be shorter on average, so there is probably a higher percentage of Mayan descendants around here. We end up eating at a modern fusion kitchen restaurant, good, but ultimately harmless food. The remainder of the evening is spent hanging out in the hotel lobby, listening to music and just relaxing.

Snacks: 15 quet
Dinner: 200 quet

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