The day starts with a boat ride across lake Atitlan (roughly the size of lake Garda in Italy) to San Juan. Apparently the water level is higher than normal, because walking in on the jetty you can see a lot of partially submerged buildings.

Johan and I walk around the little village, taking pictures of pretty windows and doors. The buildings feature cool hand painted ads and between in them are small patches where they grow coffee and grapes. Turning a corner we find two damsels in distress. It’s J1 and J2 who have lost their way and just return from powering through a patch of greens. We point them in the right direction and go do some more door- and window hunting.

Back in the center of town we meet up, waiting for the guide to return so that we can walk to the next village. Jessica and Julia will have none of that, they grab a Tuk-Tuk and with a ‘So long, suckers!’ they go on ahead to San Pedro. The rest of us walk the one and a half kilometer there. The guide points out Avocado trees on the way and as we come to the outskirts of the village there is coffee laid out to dry. Our guide promises to take us to a good coffee roastery in town, which sounds really great!

Turns out to not so much be a roastery as a regular café though, and our self-proclaimed coffee lover of a guide orders a Sprite… Me, Johan and Lina order Espresso though and it actually is excellent. This village is a bit bigger with lots of narrow alleys and cozy buildings. There’s supposed to be a noteworthy church around here, but have no luck finding it. We do find a woman selling Mango, cut into the shape of a flower however, very nice!

Time is running out and we give up on the church and take a Tuk-Tuk back to the boat since we’re not exactly sure where we are anymore. As it’s time to go however, we’re still missing Julia and Jessica. We figure that they’re just late but when half an hour passes and they’re still not showing up. Someone gets the bright idea to go look for them at the other harbor in town. Sure enough, they’d been sitting there all along, being just as annoyed as we were. 😀

Next stop is Santiago, which is more or less just a guantlet of stores all selling the same touristy crap. We have lunch at a nice place where I get a rather awesome-looking Margarita and a very odd interpretation of Filét Mignon. We don’t have that much time around here, but it’s no big deal since it’s not all that interesting anyway. Among the more peculiar sights include a guy wearing an Osama Bin Laden t-shirt.

Since we don’t leave until the afternoon the next day we decide to have a little party tonight. Johan, me and Daniel go for a booze run and end up with all sorts of liquer as well as a rather stylish Sponge Bob flask to mix in. This is our first proper party and it starts off a bit stiff, but as soon as we move it to the restaurant and Jenny and Isa show off their gangsta rap skills we’re good to go.

Even though we aren’t very loud, the other guests complain to management and we’re thrown out around midnight. We move the party down to the beach and sit there watching the volcano Tolimán burn (we asked the guide earlier about the lava and he just laughed and said it was just farmers clearing forest to get more farmland, dammit…).

Pineapple: 5 quet
Ice cream: 5 quet
Mango: 2 quet
Lunch: 90 quet
Dinner: 100 quet
Booze: 120 quet

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