Rickshaw Deathmatch

Today is Julias actual birthday so we sing for her and treat her to the riding this afternoon. But first we’re going to look at more Mayan ruins. The ruins are right outside town and we are only a few who wants to have the guided tour. The ruins themselves I would rate lower than Tikal for sure, but there were a few interesting things like the fact that the stone here is harder and because of that the carvings are better preserved. They were also able to make more intricate carvings and we learn some Mayan script in the process. It’s hellishly hot as well so we drink like camels and scurry for shade every chance we get. Our guide Marwin tells us about the weird ball game the Mayans would be playing on ritual occasions where you only were allowed to touch the ball with your hip. The ball in question weighing between 1.4 and 2.7 kg… The losers were offered as sacrifice to the gods, how’s that for a motivator? Johan, Karina and I walk back to town, stopping at a sandwich shop for lunch with excellent juices. Back by the hotel I stumble across a barber shop where I stop for an impromptu shave. After some armwaving I manage to get my wishes across and the shave is excellent (and for about 20 sek, a steal). The afternoon is booked for a riding trip, so I don the GoPro and head for the horses. After a thorough safety briefing helmets are handed out. Nah, just kidding, they just point to a horse and off we go. Sadly it’s like it usually is with these kind of rides, some veeery docile horses and a rather uninspiring view. We rode along a river which doubled as a carwash and ended up atop a hill with a small village where we were supposed to buy their crappy handicraft. Oh well, that’s how it goes I suppose… We go for dinner at a place called which has excellent food, and we leave rather bloated to wander the town and the festival that’s currently happening. The festival is basically an orgy of bass-loaded cars cruising around, but it has a sort of cozy vibe to it and we just sit back and take it all in. Moving on back to the hotel we get to witness something bizarre: two auto rickshaws meet at an intersection ahead of us and suddenly decide to race each other. The problem is that the entire village is more or less cobblestones so it’s a rather bumpy race they’re having. We are actually not that far from being run over by these hoodlums but in the end make it safely back to the hotel. Tour: 80 hond Lunch: 100 hond Shaving: 60 hond Riding: 420 hond Dinner: 600 hond

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