Caye Caulker

Good thing Thorstein found his way back yesterday because we need to make an early getaway to be able to take the boat to Caye Caulker in Belize before it gets dark. But since this is Mexico the bus is of course late even though our local travel helper Oscar phoned several times last night to remind them to be on time.

When the bus eventually comes we load up and start our journey to Belize, but we get no further than the first stoplight.Colorful housing Because then the bus just stops dead, exhibiting all the symptoms of a dead battery. So while everyone is theorizing over what’s wrong with the bus our driver takes out some tools and dives into the engine room. And lo and behold, not fifteen minutes later the bus actually starts up like if nothing happened!

There’s an uneventful drive on the really good Mexican roads down to the border. We hop off just before the border in some kind of mall area as it is the only chance to get lunch along this road. It’s actually a McDonalds and Johan is once again very upset that they don’t serve any El Maco, what gives Mexico?! That should be your national dish!

At the border you have to pay a fee of $24 just to get out of the country. Seems weird, but Karina claims that it’s quite common actually.The Lazy Lizard I charm the customs lady by commenting on her nice nails and gets a smile and a Belize stamp in my passport. With some luck I’ll be able to fill a passport for the first time in my life!

We arrive in Belize City harbor ahead of schedule and buy some local beer while waiting for the boat. The ride is about an hour and it’s almost dusk as we arrive at Caye Caulker, Karina helps us to set up a diving trip to the Belize Blue Hole – a world famous dive site which is a giant cenote, 300 m across and entirely circular. It is 124 m deep and inside it sharks are known to hang out, Hammerheads have been mentioned for instance. Christian and I book the trip for tomorrow, and it will take almost the entire day, starting at 6:30 am.

Then we’re off to find a place to eat, Oscar recommends Rose’s Grill and we manage to get a table even though the place is packed to the rafters We’ve haven’t had much to eat the entire day so Johan, me and Therese order two main courses, thoroughly confusing the staff. When we eventually do get the food it’s delicious, grilled fish kebabs, pork chops and side orders of fried African bread fruit and rice. Afterwards we wander off to our designated water hole for the evening, the Lazy Lizard bar, but places here on Caye Caulker close really early for some reason and there aren’t many people around. So we call it a night and go back to the hotel.

McDonalds: 40 mxn
Departure fee: $24
Blue Hole dive: 380 blz
Rose’s Grill: ? blz

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