Mayday, Norwegian Lost!

Today we get a chance to sleep in since there’s nothing planned until 4 pm for me. Up at about 9 am Daniel and I are outside our room talking with Lina and Emma when Johan pokes his head out. He looks a bit worse for wear and explains that Thorstein and Peter came into the room at around 1 am and started drinking whiskey. Suffice to say that some time in the morning, for reasons unclear, Thorstein decided to go out of the room and sleep on the floor of the reception.

We give Johan five minutes to freshen up and then head out to find breakfast. We end up at some overpriced Mexican joint. It’s hard to beat 100%, but we feel that we need to find some variety as well. Afterwards we wander the streets aimlessly, looking at people and being shouted at by barkers. We end up at the beach, and eventually at a beach bar with happy hour between 12 and 2 pm! The drinks aren’t very good but the prices are so we hang out there for a couple of hours.

Then some more aimless wandering until it’s time for my diving. I meet Warren and Charles at the dive center, they’ve already had two dives today and are going for two more now with me. Eric is our dive master and is a cheerful Mexican guy in his thirties. We get our gear and head down to the boat that is right on the beach. The sea is rather choppy today with waves 3-4 dm at least, so bobbing around on the surface isn’t all that fun. We soon go down though and it’s not that deep, most of the dive is at around 10-12 meters and the reef is sort of sponge shaped. It’s mostly soft corals with a lot of those fan-like things that go in purple and brown. Visibility is so-so, probably due to the wind these last two days, around 10 m or so. We see mostly smallish fish, up to 20 cm, but a few larger ones. Suddenly Eric looks all excited and starts waving frantically. As I look where he’s pointing I can see three large Stingrays emerging from out of the blue, majestically flying by at about a 6 m distance! They’re probably about a meter and a half between the wingtips and positively awesome!

It’s really hard to top that, but we also see a tiny Lion Fish, some sort of flat fish hiding in the sand and a Moray Eel lurking in a cave. We get back into the boat and await darkness for our second dive. I chat a bit with Warren who’s a manager at some company buying computers. He goes on about how he’s the manager of 55 people and how hard he works and how he makes the companies that wants to treat him to dinner buy pizza for everyone who works for him instead. I guess he fancies himself quite the guy but he comes across a a bit of an ass to me, but maybe that’s just the Jante talking…

For the second dive I leave the camera on the boat, since the pictures probably won’t be very good in the darkness anyway. We don’t see much on the second dive though, visibility is still poor and there just isn’t much fish. We do see a boxfish the size of a house cat though, a bunch of smaller, white, rays with triangular-shaped thorns on their tail and about 25 cm between the wingtips flapping about on the sea floor. The main event however comes in one of the caves where Eric discovers a Moray Eel as thick and long as a teenage girl’s leg! The Moray is the last interesting thing we see before heading back. The two Americans are disappointed of the dives and brings it up several times, I’m kind of pleased though, but maybe I’ll get pickier as I get more dives under my belt…

Going back I find the others (surprise, surprise!) at 100%, so I join them for some drinks and food. Taking the way via the beach and a gelato parlor we finally find ourselves back at the hotel. Before going to bed, me and Johan are doing some surfing when we see that Thorstein has posted to the facebook group of the trip! It seems that he has gotten lost and is wondering via facebook where the hotel is, that’s the information age for ya! After having a good laugh Johan finds out the hotel address and Thorstein is later safely returned.

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  1. Kul att läsa om dina upplevelser. Det verkar vara ganska intensivt! Försök att bara vila emellanåt, det är semester det också. Kram Mamma

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