Meeting Mexico

Hotel breakfast is awesome, omelets cooked on demand while you point at ingredients (yes, of course there’s bacon!), a yogurt wagon with all sorts of stuff to put in like dried mango, pistachio nuts, fresh strawberries, seared peaches. The staff walks around offering coffee (only slightly disappointing) and freshly squeezed orange juice. It may be pricey, almost $20, but it sure is tasty and we leave questioning the need for ever eating again.

The flight to Cancun is uneventful but as we meet up with Karina at the airport we learn that we will have to wait for the rest of the group who were booked at a later flight before leaving for Playa del Carmen. Ah well, shit happens, more time to sow and cube…

The Mexican roads are concrete clad and rather nice actually, the scenery is uninspiring however and when we arrive in Playa del Carmen it’s already getting dark. Karina gets the info session out of the way and I decide to try and find a diving place to book some diving for the remaining two days here. Central Playa del Carmen is actually rather nice, despite being chock full of tourists, very clean as well – I have no trouble walking around barefoot. After a few blocks I happen upon Scuba Playa which seems like a rather trustworthy place since the first two questions I get are “When was your last dive?” and “How many dives do you have in total?”. So after a lot of questions and deliberation I booked a two dive package for the next day. I also talked to them about the possibility of doing a night dive for Saturday and sure enough, that shouldn’t be a problem.

The evening is wrapped up with some chicken tacos and a nice juice drink. I also look at a few Lucha Libre masks and get to know the names of a lot of the wrestlers. Each wrestler works out his own unique design, but usually varies the color of the mask for each fight. I end up buying an official Mexican football jersey though and even though I haggled the price down to half I suspect I was robbed…

Breakfast: $5 (plus $15 voucher)
Two dives – Cenotes: $129
Dive equipment rent: $20
Jersey: 700 mxn
Dinner: 130 mxn
ATM fees: 80 mxn

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