On to Pokhara

We’re leaving Kathmandu for Pokhara today which means going back on same snaking road we rode into town on in the first place. Mostly because this is the only real road in Nepal. We backtrack all the way to the T-crossing from before and take the other turn this time. The ride is really uneventful and we arrive in Pokhara in the afternoon.

The hotel is going through reconstruction but is really nice, situated right on the main street. We head out browsing the shops and find a tendency towards hiking shops, just like in Kathmandu. I’ve had this idea that I’m going to get one of those dust masks I’ve seen people wear and get it embroidered. This proves harder than I expected but finally I find one at the local drug store. I proceed to take it to one of the many t-shirt embroidery stores but the guy shakes his head and says it’s impossible.

Bummer… Well, at least I have a dust mask now, will probably come in handy later when we go hiking. Browsing some more I happen across a really cool bag, sewn from an old rice sack. That’s not the coolest thing about it however, printed on the original rice sack are, what looks like, a couple of old Ericsson GH388 phones! This is the sort of weird stuff I love, so after some half-hearted haggling I probably pay way more than I should have.

On the way back to the hotel I stop by another of the embroidery shops just to get a second opinion. The guy there shows it to one of the tailors who, after some careful examination, nods approvingly. Yay! I decide on a Buddha Eyes motif and off he goes sewing. The whole deal takes less than ten minutes and it’s absolutely fascinating watching them work.

Wrapped up the evening with a late supper at Moondance Restaurant, right next to our hotel. They had an extensive menu and in the end we settled for some nice pizza. The place was tastefully decorated and cozy, but I think the place has a good review in Lonely Planet, which meant that there aren’t that many locals there. Still, I’d certainly recommend it!

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