To the Border

Time to leave Varanasi and head for the Nepali border. The drive is supposed to be 10 hours so we leave at 6 am. After a while we run into what seems like an accident and a bunch of people are having words. It never turns into a proper fight though and we’re soon on our way. The roads are really crappy here as well and at one time Ulrika actually hits her head on the ceiling on a particularly nasty bump.

Monto is getting more Swedish lessons from Monica and he tries to teach me some Hindi in return. I find the head band I bought in Ranthambore and put it on and for some reason Monto finds this absolutely hilarious! He can’t even look at me without bursting out into laughter. He tells me that I should say the phrase “Jai Ganesh, baba ki!” next time we get off the bus. He also draws a trident on my forehead since that is Ganesh’s weapon to complete the image. This is obviously very amusing to him so I play along.

The bad roads are making us late though and we have to skip lunch in order to get to the border on time. We do arrive in time though and it’s time to say goodbye to Monto, his father and the mechanic. Walking across the border I try the phrase Monto taught me and it’s met by cheering. I’m also offered some Marijuana on the mere 100 m we’re walking, that’s pretty fast! The visa procedure is not very onerous and we’re soon on our way again, this time in the smallest possible bus, exactly big enough to fit all of us. It has suspension and an actual motor though, so we’re happy.

A fifteen minute drive later we’re at Pawan hotel, we’re treated to some delicious Nepali food before we head out to explore the town. There isn’t much to see though but I manage to find a barber where I get a full shave and an upper body massage for a measly 200 Nepali rupees (20 sek)! Feeling like a new man I head back to our room, only to find that we’re having a nightcap with some domestic wine. Nurse Karlsson thought it was the worst wine she’d ever tasted, but it wasn’t quite that bad if you ask me.

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