Ukraine Ahoy!

It starts out promising with Lucas and Max just about missing the train to Arlanda (with Lucas having my ticket and all…). But it all works out except for that the plane is delayed for 1.5 hours or so. You don’t need a visa to visit the Ukraine anymore, but the stupid piece of paper you have to fill out sure makes it seem like you do. Poor Hasse arrives long before us since he’s flying in from Hungary and his flight isn’t late. This means that he doesn’t know what to enter on the row where you’re supposed to say where you’re staying. A helpful guard tells him to fill in “Tourist Hotel Kiev” making it blatantly obvious that these papers are all going straight into the round archive…

We take a taxi into Kiev, probably getting ripped off at 25 euros. Arriving at the hotel we’re pretty much convinced that we’re in the wrong place since it’s pretty extravagant. It seems to be the right one though and after dumping our stuff we head out to get a bite to eat. It isn’t that easy to find something at ten in the evening on a Thursday though… Turns out that McDonalds are out of meat for instance and only serving fish burgers. Everything else is closed until we find a bar where declaring that we want “non-smoking” gets us seated in a tiny room furthest away from anything in the bar.

I order a Mojito (78 hryvnya (uah), almost the same in sek) and it’s fabulous! I have not tasted a better Mojito since… ever really. Food is also great, costing around 100 uah (this is probably a pretty expensive place, a Big Mac costs 12 uah) and we enjoy a great dinner. Along with the food I order something random from the drink list and end up getting a 6 cl layered shot with Tequila, lemon juice and some sort of green liqueur. Maybe not the thing I wanted to drink with my food really, but hey, at least it was cheap! =D

Stumbling back to our hotel we get to see a lot of creative parking and a fair amount of drunken locals (keeping in mind that this is a Thursday).

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