Winding Down

For our very last day of this fantastic trip we treat ourselves to a late morning. Looking at the map we decide to go Anguk, which the guide book describes as a “more upscale neighborhood”. It turns out to be a bit of a disappointment though, not much to look at and not very upscale at all.

We stop for a coffee at a cozy place and are served latte in a cappuccino cup (Sanna, our Barista from the Japan group, would’ve had a hizzy fit). Turning to the map once again we find a little park that looks nice and decide go there. Navigating the Seoul streets isn’t easy and every now and then you’re forced to take a detour but eventually we find our way to the park – only to find out that it’s more or less crap, a couple of dusty patches of grass and a gazebo. So we quickly move on and find ourselves down by the small stream going through the center of town with very nice walkways on each side. I’m told that in the evenings there’s also a rather tasteful laser show to enjoy. Here and there there are some stepping stones strewn in so that you can cross over if you want. A stroll along the stream is highly recommended if you find yourself in Seoul.

For lunch we find ourselves at a steakhouse, reflecting over the fact that none of us has seen a single McDonald’s restaurant in Seoul even though we’ve seen several Burger Kings. Weird.

Post-lunch we continue spelunking in the same aimless manner as before and end up in some kind of market quarters where lots of locals seem to hang out. Despite this the prices are outrageous (a bag of dried mangoes is 13k!) and the stuff they’re selling is mostly crap. So Kimberly and I decide to go back to the more fun quarters where we got our foot massage to do some present shopping before leaving.

The evening winds down with a final dinner at an Indian restaurant where I actually win the gift certificate of 2000 sek in the end-of-trip lottery! I guess I have more than one incentive to do this again… =)

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