Knives aplenty!

Up early with another fantastic breakfast buffet, hotels just aren’t that expensive in China which explains our luxurious accommodations. Shenyang airport is tiny and we’re flying with Korean Air bound for Incheon just outside of Seoul. The service is excellent with comfy seats and beautiful hostesses.

During the transfer to our hostel Karina lets us know that if we’re interested there are a few tickets left for “a show where they are drumming with knives”. Staying true to my more yes-oriented lifestyle I of course go for the offer. We’re staying at Ann Guesthouse right at the subway station Hongik University, a very good location within mere crawling distance of what seems like a thousand bars. The rooms are fine but the manager leaves us to figure out basically everything by ourselves (and being impossible to get ahold of). Us regular travelers didn’t notice too much of hassle though, but tour leader Karina wasn’t happy at all (that’s why I don’t mind paying a little extra for someone who just deals with crap like this =P).

Anyways, as soon as we’ve settled in we head over to Stay Korea where the Japan-group lives (a place that both Anna and Karina recommends highly). It’s just a ten minute walk but right now only Anna is there, the others are out exploring Seoul. We don’t mind that much though and head down to the convenience store for some beer and snacks. The weather is fabulous, something like 20°C and sunny and we just bask on the balcony for a while. Kimberly and I find some wine coolers at the store at 10% alcohol making us more than a little silly as evening approaches.

Eventually it’s time to move on to see the knife show and me, Karina and Anna head out to grab some dinner on the way. By this time we’ve more or less had it with the Asian kitchen and go for some excellent Italian. I’m pretty much hammered at this point and is made appropriately fun of by my escorts. Fortunately the show is a ways off and I’m sober enough to really appreciate the show once we get there. The show was Nanta, actually a very famous musical comedy style show that’s been running non-stop ever since 1997! And it was great! Really funny and talented performers juggling and drumming with knives and any other kitchen appliance you can think of. This yes-policy is really paying off!

After the show we join the rest of the gang at Ho bar for a very happy (and wet) reunion celebration.

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