We’re up at the crack of dawn to look at lake Baikal but instead we’re greeted by an early fall blizzard. The bent birch trees look lovely with yellow leaves still attached and about an inch of snow on top.

A good few hours later the lake finally makes its appearance, nothing too spectacular though, looks more or less like the sea. Other than that the morning goes by in a stupor since everyone is still sleepy from waking up so early. The hilly landscape from yesterday now flattens out and the snow is disappearing. We start seeing cows and horses and the temperature is now down to about 5°C, it’s obvious we’re closing in on Mongolia.

We make only one stop today. But it’s a long one. We get there at 1830 and are more or less stuck until 00.30. It’s the border to Mongolia and first the Russians go through the train top to bottom, complementing our choice of vodka (Starya Vodka). The Mongolians do the same and all the while the toilets are locked down…

Tomorrow is up bright and early again to disembark in Ulaanbaatar, then immediately out on the steppes. Hopefully there’s time to buy all the things I forgot to pack, like pantaloons, mittens and a hat…

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