Life on the railroad

Kimberly, getting up at an ungodly hour reports seeing snow outside. I begin to fret Mongolia a bit since I forgot to pack my long johns. Hopefully there’s it won’t be as cold in Mongolia or that we have a chance to buy some before heading out on the steppes.

The day goes by at a leisurely pace and we play the card game I brought: Alibi saknas (Alibi Missing) which is well liked by everyone! We also play a language card game by Fredrik Lindström that was kindof repetitive. Elin beat me at the finish line this time, she’s smart that gal, but I’ll get her next time…

There are a few more, but shorter, stops this day at one of them I must’ve misread timetable because me and a couple of Americans were almost left behind as the train left early. A word of advice, check if there’s a coal cart on the platform filling up coal for the samovars before going off to buy something at a station. If there isn’t, then the stop is likely no more than 2-3 minutes.

Didn’t find any pirogues today so I settled for a, surprisingly tasty, bucket of noodles. In the evening we went to the dining cart though and I had some Shish Kebab, really good but they were out of vodka (!) Imagine that, out of vodka on the Transsiberian railway… That, coupled with the fact that people are running out of the booze they bought in Moscow and that we’re supposed to get up early tomorrow to see lake Baikal made for a rather mellow evening.

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