Moving into Asia

After a good nights sleep we awake to a scenery of birch trees. The train makes two-three stops a day to fill up on water and coal for the samovars. Roaming the stations are various men and women selling smoked fish, pirogues, sausages, juice, beer, vodka yoghurt etc. The pirogues generally cost about 20 rubles a piece (5 sek), are really tasty and are an adventure to bite into since you never know what kind of filling you get. Egg and potatoes seem common, so are coal and carrots.

Much of the day is spent wandering back and forth between the coupes getting to know one another better. We had some geography quiz game where I dominated (well Elin and I tied actually in the final). I also made a couple of speakers out of my headphones and a couple of plastic cups much to the amazement of my fellow travelers. The fidelity wasn’t too good though since turning it up to eleven distorted both treble and bass horribly. =/

During the stop in Barabinsk me and Rickard have a Cossack dance-off on the platform. It ended like you would expect with both of us pulling tendons… (Rickard won btw) The rest of the evening was spent drinking vodka and eating Cornichons, singing with Matilda and me quizzing Petter and Elina about life as nuclear sanitation techs. We also had a minor celebration upon going through the Ural mountains and entering Asia.

2 thoughts on “Moving into Asia

  1. “vodka youghurt” låter ju helt fantastiskt!
    Sorry kunde inte låta bli. Intressant att läsa. Du dokumenterar rejält! Kul!

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