Lazy Sunday

Arriving in Helsinki we are herded to the train station by tram were we get our instructions for the day. We basically have the day to ourselves as long as we’re back at five. So I hook up with a couple of seasoned travellers I knew from the night before.

We started walking around town semi-aimlessly looking for a tour bus. But seeing as it was Sunday almost all shops were closed except for the most touristy ones and all the tour buses we found were regular covered ones (we wanted a topless one). So we wandered down to the harbor instead and found a tourboat just taking off. So we hopped on an went by Sveaborg fortification and a few other sights, but mostly just enjoyed the fabulous weather up top of on the boat.

Back in the harbor we perused the wares that were hawked at the small market but found nothing of value, so we grabbed some fish at one of the stands instead. The rest of the afternoon was mostly spent people-watching. Observation: There is something deeply disturbing about hearing a jet-black raggaman speaking finnish. Observation 2: There sure is a lot of foreign people in Helsinki, I would have thought there would be almost only Finns (which are dead easy to pick out of a crowd btw).

Getting on the train we found ourselves in the same cart as the Russian women’s hockey team. And let me tell you, there were some mean lookin’ ladies among them. Especially on girl who was about as wide as a barn door over the shoulders and almost had to walk sideways through the corridor. It was really nice spending the evening shooting the shit, drinking Baltica and watching the girls gigglingly running to and fro, getting hot water from the samovar for noodles, tea and whatnot. We also got an earful of Russian pop music (as well as off-key singalong by the girls).

Sorry, no pictures until Beijing, I put the USB-cord in the wrong bag.

One thought on “Lazy Sunday

  1. Whad’ya mean wrong bag? FAIL! πŸ˜€

    Seems like one of those girls Lucas is hitting on (you-know-who…) were on the same train then? That description about shoulders as wide as a barn door were quite striking… πŸ˜‰

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