Up bright and early after another night och Tommies Hardstyle/Hardcore sessions to catch some hotel brekkie before leaving for the coast. A sort of last get/together with the guys before leaving I guess. I had a rendez-vous set up with my old friend Mathias to kill the two hour I had to spare in Stockholm before the boat left. We nerded off pretty heavily at a café in Gamla Stan, talking about Erlang, Nine Fingers, killer robots and other wonderful things.

Arriving at the terminal I found the average age to be a bit higher than I’d expected, maybe somewhere around 40-45? Seems like a likable bunch of people though, so I’m sure we’ll have fun. We also seem to have been clumped together with the “Transsiberian to Japan”-trip, so all in all we’re some 34 people. Those of us going to North Korea are only 10 or so though. I’m not sure why I expected a younger crowd, but I guess it makes sense since it’s kindof an expensive trip and also probably not among the first you’d pick out from the Pink Caravan selection.

We board the boat after receiving the hideous Pink Caravan apparel and get settled in our cabins. Then we head up to the bar for a quick introductory drink before the initial trip briefing. During the briefing we get a rundown on what will happen as far as Beijing. We also get to present ourselves, and it sure is a diverse bunch, ranging from a chemist, a nuclear plant technician, a salmon smoker to a couple of mechanics. I seem to be the only computer geek though, I hope they won’t hold that against me =P

I also noticed that I’d definitely made the right choice in bringing the backpack instead of the regular bag, since almost everyone are sporting backpacks. We also got a couple of tips that I wished they’d put in the info papers beforehand, such as bringing old clothes that you just wear for the first part of the trip and then leave in Mongolia to buy new ones in Beijing.

After the briefing we over to the Tax-Free where I finally scored some sweet, delicious Leijona Tervalakritsi. I also happened upon Tervalakritsi shot, happy times indeed! =D Then on to the evening buffet which was surprisingly good, maybe not worth the 35 eur price tag but hey, I’m on vacation… The evening concluded back at the bar where we did some more aquainting.

Tomorrow it’s Helsinki from about 8.30 until fiveish in the afternoon when we board the night train to Moscow.

Btw, comment in whichever language you feel comfortable with, be it Swedish, Esperanto or Newspeak. I write in English because I think it’s fun and it’s less of a hassle with all the swedish letters.

2 thoughts on “Liftoff!

  1. Hejsan!

    Ja, då skriver vi på svenska. Det är liksom lättare för gamlingar som pappa och mig. Roligt att ta del av din resa.. Jag hoppas att du inte blev alltför besviken på dina reskamraters ålder. “gamlingar” kan också vara roliga… Antagligen har du rätt, det är nog inte så många yngre som kan spendera så mycket pengar på en resa idagsläget då det tom är ont om jobb. Sköt om dig! Mamma

  2. Nice to see that North Korea will get 10 more healthy swedes working in the quarry. Indeed it was the last get together before you left; I’m hoping you will get back safe, but the odds are probably against you ;D.

    Anyways, Lucas has occupied your place at work ==> no more quiet time at MCT Cor(e)ner. Take it easy with that dos of liquorice ! ;p

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