Dancing in the Street

Un-christianly early (yes, that’s an expression, at least in Sweden) we went and started waiting for our ride to the airport. But after waiting 20 minutes past the designated time we started to worry a bit. Since we’re of the IT-generation we ripped up the cellphone and keyed in “cab san diego” in Opera Mini. 10 minutes later we had a ride again, good thing we had a bit of a margin.

We arrived back in Seattle nineish and while we were waiting for our bags I phoned the kayaking people again and confirmed that we could tag along on the five hour tour the following day (the very last tour of the season apparently).

To avoid repeating the events of our last kayaking attempt we rented another car, this time we got a Volkswagen Rabbit (that’s Golf in the civilized world). Jonna keyed in the address to the Bed’n Breakfast we’d booked and the GPS happily replied that it was only about 6000 km away. Christ on a cracker, that’s kinda far! We figured out that it actually was because it hadn’t seen any satellites since San Diego and naturally still thought it was there.

The Bed’n Breakfast we’d booked was situated in a really cozy university neighborhood (apparently also the gay neighborhood). It took us a good while to find a parking space and also to find the house. But well there we got greeted by Linda Nyqvist (of obvious Swedish descent), a really nice old lady (with a PhD to boot!). After thoroughly saying hello to her, rather rotund, German Shepherd we dumped our bags in the room and implored Linda about the possibility of breakfast (we hadn’t eaten anything all morning). And even though we weren’t supposed to get any the day of the check in she let it slide and we wolfed down some yogurt and cereal.

We caught the bus downtown and tried our best not to shop anything (we were getting seriously close to the weight limit for our luggage). We managed to find some really nice Christmas gifts that we couldn’t resist though. The rest of the day we mostly walked around, affirming the notion Jonna had about the people up north really were friendlier than further down south. People just seem to like life a bit better up here.

We also were on the lookout for kayaking clothes since tomorrow’s tour was likely to be a bit chilly, but we didn’t find anything suitable so we decided to go with what we had. To finish off the day we went to the movies once again and saw Resident Evil (about as bad as you’d expect, but fun anyway, at least Milla Jovovich is always nice to look at, especially wielding guns akimbo).

On the way back we hopped off the bus a few stops early and walked the last bit. We stopped at a food store much like the Whole Foods chain we encountered in San Francisco – Quality Food Center. It was just as nice as Whole Foods and we got a blank stare in reply when we asked about when they opened in the morning “We’re always open, 24-7”. It must seriously suck to work nights at a grocery store! Ah well, satisfied with that answer we headed back out and resumed the walk back to Linda’s. It wasn’t that far but we did find time to try out some of the neat dance instructions that were cast into the pavement along the way.

Later that evening we went down to sit by the faux fireplace (it was one of those gas things with fake firewood) and read a few guidebooks. Linda was a bit of an evening person so we chatted a bit about Sweden and universal health care (she seemed to romanticize a fair bit about that one). She assured us that Seattle has the largest concentration of Swedes outside Sweden and that this was the reason for there being a big fancy building entitled “The Swedish Medical Center” in the middle of town. I’m pretty sure her PhD is a medical one since she seemed pretty knowledgeable in those areas. But since we had a rather big last day in the U.S. we turned in a bit early to be sure that we’d be able to catch the ferry the following morning.

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