Lucha Libre!

Our last day in San Diego Jonna wanted to pierce her ears and she spent the evening before scouring the GPS for nearby tattoo parlors (the only place we could think of that might do piercings). The place she found was in the northern part of town so we had a bit of a drive to get there. Once there we found out that tattoo artists like to sleep in, and the place wouldn’t be open until hours later. Since we didn’t have anything better to do, strolled around a bit looking at the shops. Eventually we went into a second hand store and browsed a bit, and there, in a box of hats, I found something I’d been looking for the entire trip; a Luchador mask! Content with that we exited the shop and continued down the street.

It was a rather downtrodden neighborhood with not that much to look at, so we decided it was time to head back downtown. On the way back though, we passed a sporting goods store and picked up a junior sized football as a present to Jonnas nephew Casper.

Back downtown, we found a kind of mall that we hadn’t noticed before. Since it’s San Diego after all it was more or less an open air mall with walkways high and low. As malls go, a really nice one! We stopped at a jewelry store and Jonna asked if they knew where you could go and get your ears pierced. “Over there” the lady said and pointed to one of those we-only-sell-stuff-that-is-pink-or-glitters-stores. We went over there, and once she had signed about a gazillion waiver forms, it was finally time to piercing. Jonna was actually a bit disappointed afterwards since it didn’t hurt the least.

We got some lunch at Panda Express (so-so Asian fast food) and proceeded out onto the street again. We walked around a bit more and as the afternoon waned into evening I came upon a sneaker store that had some really cool Marc Ecko sneakers (you can’t get those sneakers in Sweden and I just love the Rhino!).

Finally the time had come to return our trusted iron horse that we’ve ridden clear across America. It was certainly with mixed feelings we said our goodbyes and walked back to the motel. As we passed the airport we decided to go back to snap a couple of pictures of the planes flying in low to land (for some reason we had stopped at the motel prior to dropping off the car and left the camera there). We grabbed the camera and took the path going by the docks to get a different scenery. It was really nice, they had a few replicas of old sail ships and a lot of art installments along the walkway. It took us a good while to get back to where the planes flew in and it started to get pretty dark by then.. We got a couple of nice photos (even though the camera’s really slow) and headed back again, we also got the opportunity to record the sound of one the frequent trains that went by our motel, horns blaring.

Back at the motel I asked the manager to fix us a cab as we were leaving at around 4 am the following morning. After packing everything we went to sleep for our last night in San Diego.

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