Viva Las Vegas!

Since the 23rd marks our engagement anniversary we thought we’d celebrate Vegas style. So we found ourselves an Elvis clone and tied the knot!

No, not quite, but we did get tickets to a show: Mystére with Cirque du Soleil. To celebrate properly we thought we’d get some snazzy clothes as well. So we headed over to the outlet mall and shopped up until the show started.

The show was great, so much happening at times that you didn’t really know where to look though. Most impressive was the strongman/balance act two guys did. At one time one of them laid on his stomach while the other was in a handstand holding the feet of the first guy. The first guy then proceeded to lower the legs with the other guy still in a handstand on top of the feet. An amazing feat in itself, but the guy isn’t finished; he then brings the legs back up again…

A large part of the Cirque du Soleil experience are the costumes. Also the many cool things they do with the stage; you could lower and heighten parts of the stage which added a lot to the show. One of my favorite things were the huge snail that came up on stage towards the end (it was actually there throughout the show in ever-increasing size). All in all, a great spectacle!

Afterward we looked a place to eat at the Treasure Island casino where the show was. We settled on an Italian restaurant and Jonna ordered the lasagna, I had some veal parmesan. I had a bad encounter with meat the night before when I ordered some kind of steak and got this big gray slab of meat without any kind of seasoning at all. But I thought that since it was an Italian restaurant after all then maybe there would be a bit more taste to it. Well, I was wrong and the veal was really bland and covered with slimy parmesan. Jonna thought the lasagna was okay (but she still thinks my mom’s is better).

Since you can’t go to Vegas without gambling we did a spot of that after dinner. I was a bit surprised of how little variation there were. You basically have the traditional slots that have just tiny differences between them, you have the Poker and Black Jack machine (which were the ones we tried) and then you have the real Black Jack, another card game called Pai Gow, craps and roulette. That’s more or less it, there’s just a lot of each kind.

When we got tired of gambling we went out on the Strip once again, but since Jonnas boots weren’t made for walking we didn’t get that far. We did however catch the end of the ‘Sirens of TI‘ show that takes place in a little lagoon outside the Treasure Island casino around an incredibly tacky pirate ship (also featured in GTA). We finished up by walking a little bit further, but since we didn’t find anything really interesting we went home after that.

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