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This day we thought we’d go for some sight-seeing, so we took the car down to Hollywood Boulevard (the street with all the stars). We followed it eastwards and was a bit surprised by how few of the stars we recognized (it later turned out that they place around a dozen new ones each year, so maybe it’s not that strange after all…). After a while we found a tourist information and went in to get a map. The guy at the counter started rambling about how great Swedish pizzas were when he heard where we came from Sweden: ’40 different toppings, right?’ (Jonna comments: he had been to Uppsala once). Anyways, we signed up for an hour-long tour of the Hollywood Boulevard and its surroundings.

The tour was so-so, mostly because we had a hard time hearing what the guide said. Also, it wasn’t all that interesting watching all the big studios from outside the walls. We did get to hear a fun story about Carol Burnett who in her teens worked at a movie theatre called Pacific when she got fired. Later, when she got her own star she asked to place it right in front of the Pacific (which was now closed down by the way) (Jonna comments: she also got the front door for the theatre to place in her home later, according to info we found on some web page).

Back from the tour we saw that next to the tourist information there was a big theatre called the ‘Pantages‘ and they were playing a new musical called ‘Wicked‘. We thought it would be fun to see a real musical as well so we promptly bought ticket for the show that same evening.

Then we walked westwards on Hollywood Boulevard until we came to the Hollywood Wax Museum. The tickets also let you in to the Guinness museum so we gave it a shot. Neither the wax museum nor the Guinness museum was that impressive so we headed on to look at the legendary Mann’s Chinese Theatre (that nowadays is called Grauman’s Chinese Theatre). Outside of it were lots of annoying figures in costumes from each of the movies that were currently showing, Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean and whatnot. Ugly.

We got some food and decided that we were done with Hollywood Boulevard. Instead we headed out to a factory outlet center to do some shopping in order to have something nice to wear to the musical. On the way I wanted to check out Watts Towers (another sight I didn’t know about prior to playing GTA – San Andreas). But it turned out that I had somehow put the wrong address into the GPS for it and we gave up on it. The near constant gridlock that is LA meant that we were getting a bit pressed for time and didn’t really get that much time to shop. We had allocated an hour for getting back, changing clothes and getting to the theatre, which of course was way too little. So we had to do without the new clothes, but at least we got there in time.

The musical was nothing short of amazing! It told the story about what really happened with the witches of Oz and what made them into good and wicked witches. Smart and funny dialogue, fantastic decor and the actors were great singers, if I had to complain about something then it would be that there weren’t any real hits among the songs like there are in Lloyd Webbers musicals. I’m so glad we went to this show, one of the real highlights of the trip! (Jonna comments: we bought the CD with the songs from the musical and we also bought a long-sleeved T-shirt for Magnus, shorts and a short-sleeved T-shirt had been fine during the day but he started freezing during the musical).

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  1. Hi, Magnus! Doesn`t seem fair that we have written a couple of comments on Jonna`s blog and none on yours. Gee-what a writer you are! As much as we enjoy the pictures you have taken on Jonnas blog we love to read your colourful stories of all the things that happen to you. You have a way of telling things that makes one really feel like one can see the things you describe.
    Why am I writing in english, by the way? Well, I believe that you both think in english after beeing in USA for several weeks, at least that was the case with Marie when she was in USA so many years ago. So suddenly writing in Swedish might be disturbing to you, I think. (And of course I get an opportunity to show my talents in english, hm. Göran is writing this).
    Soon your visit will be over. We long to see you both again and of course hear a lot more from your trip.
    Many greetings from mom and dad (Marie och Göran)

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