Pacific swim

At Point Lobos we got a map of southern California (or SoCal as the locals seem to call it) that detailed some scenic routes. As there was one of them close by we took the turn. It was refreshing with some inland scenery for a change. It seems like there are lots of hills in this country so we had some nice valley views along the way before Santa Barbara that marked the end of the scenic route.

Since Santa Barbara seemed to offer little of interest we blew right past it. As we came closer to California we noticed that the surfers had stopped wearing wet suits. (Jonna comments: I think I saw two dolphins swimming in the sea! Magnus drove the car so he missed it and we didn’t see any more dolphins). So we figured that the water was probably hotter down here and stopped at San Buenaventura to try the water. It turned out to be almost as bone chillingly cold as earlier in Santa Cruz, but after walking about in there for a while it didn’t feel that bad anymore and we decided to take a dip. So we threw our computer science-white bodies in the surf and bounced around in the waves. We were bathing for an hour give or take and then continued into LA. It took a while to find a motel but in the end we found one right next to Universal Studios.

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