Yosemite by horseback

I started the morning by booking the last two spots at a two hour horse trail ride in Yosemite. Now we only had to get there. When checking out I noticed a police officer in the office. He was asking the motel manager all sorts of questions and then he asked for his ID. The manager gave him a laminated color-copy of his driver’s license. The officer wasn’t too happy about this. ‘You cannot laminate a copy of your license sir, that is forgery.’ The manager pleaded that it was only temporary and that he knew that it was wrong. ‘But if you knew it was wrong, then why did you do it?’ The manager just kept repeating his mantra of ‘temporary’ and the officer just shook his head. Maybe it was good that we didn’t stay longer than we did…

So we put Yosemite in the GPS and headed out of San Francisco. It was a rather hot day and we had about 4.5 hours of driving ahead of us. We noticed that the ever-present country music on the radio was slowly replaced by choral music, bible readings and preaching. The drive itself wasn’t very eventful and about 3 pm we drove up at the ranch where the trail ride started from. A guy in chaps and a cowboy hat signed us in and we walked around inspecting the horses (Jonna comments: I tried to pet the horses but they were either totally uninterested in having any sort of contact with me or they were too bothered by flies and bees to care). The tour didn’t start for another 45 minutes so we had some time to kill. The views weren’t all that interesting, mostly pine forest (apparently they were Sequoias but they looked like regular pine). After a while the previous tour came back and we got to get on the horses. We actually had to use a staircase though, since it was easier on the horses, (Jonna comments: according to the cowboys, I think the horses could stand a regular sit up 😉 but I guess some people can’t get up on the back of a horse properly so the stairs were probably called for). Then we got to go around this training course before going off on the trail.

It was a bit disappointing really, the view was almost exactly the same through the whole tour; pine, pine and then more pine. The only interesting parts really were three stream crossings and going up and down a rather steep hill (the only time we had an actual view, which consisted of, you guessed it, pine from above). It would have been a bit more interesting if we had at least gotten to trot with the horses a bit, but it was pretty much walking for the full two hours. As we came back we were literarily covered in dust from head to toe that as a bonus just wouldn’t come off. Ah well, every day can’t be great. (Jonna comments: I don’t think it was that bad. It was a different thing to do and it was rather scary at times going downhill but the horses handled it well. It was also cool to ride western-style). We drove down to Fresno and stayed there for the night.

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