The last day in San Fran was put aside to nothing at all so after breakfast we walked to the Metreon center again and I bought a bunch of comics (Transmetropolitan, Hellblazer and Neverwhere) at the large comics store there. We then had some ice cream and coffee at the local coffee shop (the coffee is mostly nasty over here) and consumed it outside in the grass of Yerba Buena Gardens (I just can’t stop thinking about the Seinfeld episode where George is dating a girl named Yurma). Yerba Buena Gardens is a really nice place, one of our favorite places in SF in fact.

Almost all the time while you’re in San Francisco you can see Coit Tower; an old tower, looking a bit like a cigarette, built in the thirties. It looked like it would have a nice view so we decided to go and have a look. It was quite a walk and the tower seemed to be on top of one of SF’s highest hills. Jonnas stubborn cold didn’t help much either. We finally got up there though and before going up we looked at the murals covering the inside of the tower. The thing about the murals was that they were painted at the same time as the tower was built. The motives were life in the city and the different jobs people had back then, interesting really. Jonna weren’t too impressed with the technique though (Jonna comments: it was nice, I guess, but the technique was towards the naive genre, which I always have a hard time appreciating and the shadows in the paintings were poorly drawn).

Then we went up, the view was fine but not that impressive really. From up there we could just barely make out the famous Lombard Street (also featured in GTA), which is an extremely winding street filled with flowers on both sides. We decided to walk over there and check it out.

This took us through a very nice area called North Beach, lots of flowers, trees and pretty houses. It took a while to get there and when we finally arrived at the top of Lombard Street we decided to take the cable car back to Market Street. But when it came it was already full so we decided to walk some more, and since it was downhill now it wasn’t even that bad. The total distance turned out to be about 4 miles (~7 km) as a bird flies.

Since we were a little tired after the walk we wrapped the day up by seeing a movie I’ve really been looking forward to; Stardust. We’ve both read the book and loved it, and since the author himself said he was happy about how it turned out we had high hopes for it. But afterwards we were both a bit disappointed at the rather radical modifications that had been made. I blame the stupid PG13 rating. I also don’t see the need for these extremely drawn out boss fight endings, but I guess that’s a must when doing a Hollywood movie.

The evening ended happily anyway when I was able to pick up a copy of MAKE magazine on the way home.

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