Playing with tigers

We started out by doubling back to the Sea Lion Caves. The sea lions however, had decided to go for a swim that day, so all we got to see was the cave (which in itself was a bit impressive). We did however see a couple of sea lions from one of the walkways leading to the elevator.

We drove on, reaching Bandon at about lunchtime. There we decided to fix a picnic bag and headed down to the harbor quarters. There we ate our picnic in a little shelter thing built on the boardwalk by prisoners as some social work program. The shelter was very nice and indeed saved us from the pelting wind. As a bonus we also saw a couple of seals in the harbor basin. We then took ‘Seven Devil’s Road’ out of town (why aren’t swedish roads named like that?). A bit before or next stop, Gold Beach, we came upon a little petting zoo. We decided to go in and found it to be a rather dusty place with a lot of free roaming animals. They also had a little pen where you were allowed in one at a time to cuddle with a tiny white tiger cub, very cute. They also brought out an african lynx that I got to hold. They also had lions, tigers and bears (oh my!). But I couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for the animals as they had pretty small cages. Afterwards, we drove the rest of the way to Gold Beach where we spent the night.

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