Whales Ahoy!

We started the day by driving to Depoe Bay, which is a nice town with a tiny harbor (Guinness say it the smallest in the world). We walked around some and climbed down to one of the beaches (they are generally about 30 yards down from where level where the town and road is). The beach wasn’t that much to look at so we climbed back up and instead found our way out on some rocks where we had a great view of the waves crashing in. We took a few photos and clambered around a bit before walking back to town. There we looked at a little whale museum and learned a thing or two about whales, they also had a board there where it said that there had been three whale sightings today. We didn’t think much of it then and got in the car again and drove off.

After a while we stopped at a lookout point (with the great name ‘Cape Foulweather’) to see the view when a man next to us asked his kid if he could see the whales. He then showed us where to look and we actually saw a couple of whales spouting water. They were kindof small, but still! From where we were standing we could also see something called ‘The Devil’s Punchbowl‘ which was supposed to be somewhat of a sight as well. So we got back in the car and drove down to see what it actually was. It’s a sea cave where the roof has caved in so that you can see down into it from above. The cool thing is supposed to be when the tide comes in and the punch bowl fills up. It was low tide when we were there however and we didn’t feel like spending half the morning there so we moved on.

After getting lunch at a classic steakhouse we arrived in Newport that was said to have a rather nice old harbor. We strolled around the small shops and heard a lot of sea lion noises. We tried to locate them and finally found them lounging at a floating jetty thingy. They were quite fascinating to watch and we probably stood there for a little less than an hour before we finally went to look at the rest of the harbor. They had a triple whammy where you could go to the ‘Ripley’s Belive it or Not’, a wax museum and and some underwater aquarium show for around $20. None of it seemed that appealing though so we decided to leave.

Driving further down the coast presented even more of the breathtaking scenery that we’ve almost gotten used to by now. We stopped at a few scenic points but nothing of note really happened. Before our designated stay for the night in Florence we came upon the famous Sea Lion Caves where you can ride an elevator down into a sea cave filled with sea lions and various seals. It was closed however so we decided to come back the next day instead.

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