Cape Disappointment doesn’t disappoint!

After our night in Astoria we backtracked into Washington again in order to check out the Long Beach Peninsula. It turned out to be a real drag though, with no real view and just one long straight road. But before we left Washington again we hade one thing left to visit; Cape Disappointment!

To be honest, I didn’t have much hope for this one but as we drove out there (with Billy Idol – Rebel Yell playing on the radio) it seemed that we would at least get a good view. The road finally ended in a parking lot where a trail started that took you out to a lighthouse. We started on the trail and was immediately surrounded by huge pine-looking trees, very cool! We took a few pictures and went on down the trail. There were also a lot of realy big ferns, giving the whole place a really cosy feel. After a bit we came to a sign announcing ‘Dead Man’s Cove’ up ahead. Dead Man’s Cove turned out to be just as cool as the name. It looked like something pulled right out of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ with white sand, lots of white driftwood, steep walls enclosing the beach and loud waves crashing on the rocks outside (wi also made a brief recording). We spent a long time down there before walking up to the lighthouse as well.

On the way back we went up to the little ‘Lewis and Clark Interpretative Center’ that was also there (named after a couple of explorers totally unknown to me but apparenly very famous over here for charting most of the pacific northwest). The center was $5 a head to get in so we skipped that and instead walked yet another trail that took us to what was left of a couple of WWII Cannon installations. After yet another mile or so we were back at the car again and left to resume our trip south. Not before after making another excursion to Long Beach Peninsula. This turned out to be a mistake though.

We drove back over the Columbia river into Oregon again and continued along the coast to make another stop in the kitschy/idyllic Seaside. There we took a walk down their main road, called Broadway. It was mainly a lot of souvenir- and salt water taffy shops but at the end of it was a magnificent beach. We took off our shous and wandered up and down the beach, looking at sand dollars, seashells and tiny ball-shaped jellyfish. We toyed with the idea of spending the night there but decided that we ought to cover a bit more ground before nightfall.

We decided to stay in Lincoln City (since we had a good coupon for that) but it meant a rather long drive. Even so we stopped to see the Ecola State Park, which came highly recommended in our road trip guide book. Admission was $3 per car and was easily worth it. We didn’t have time to walk any trails but we climbed up to a rather nice viewpoint and admired the scenery (as well as filming a bit). We also drove down to a beach where a couple of surfers unsuccessfully tried do something stylish. The thing about Ecola State Park is that the drive to it and between the sights is almost the best thing about it. Lots of narrow, winding roads with beautiful lush scenery and very big trees. Highly recommended!

It started to get rather late by the time we were done with Ecola and we contemplated staying at Cannon Beach. The motels all looked rather pricy though (in fact, the whole place looked upscale) so we decided to drive all the way to Lincoln City anyway. On the way we passed through Tillamook with its, apparently famous, cheese factory. We had no intention of seeing it though (even if all the guide books talks about it) so we weren’t that sad to miss it. After some tiresome driving we finally arrived in Lincoln City at around 9 pm. Lincoln City by the way, is one of those really boring towns that are just a collection of fast food joints and motels along a larger road, not recommended. In the evening I also got to try something something I’d been looking forward to for a long while: Beef Jerky!

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