Road trip’s starting

Day three was car pickup day and for some reason that I’m sure was perfectly reasonable at the time we’d chosen to pick up the car at the downtown office of the car company (instead of at the airport, which was just next door). So we had to lug our bags to the bus and then walk four blocks (in the pouring rain) to get to the car company.

We got there alright though and was presented with a shiny red Saturn Ion. It was kindof scary to drive an automatic for the first time but I soon got the hang of it and I must confess that it’s very convenient, especially starting uphill is a breeze (although motor-braking doesn’t work that well). Another drawback with picking the car up at the downtown office was that we had to drive an unfamiliar car in through the downtown traffic. Not too fun, so we just drove more or less straight until we found an open parking lot where we could figure out the GPS properly and direct it to an electronics store (at this time we had decided to buy another laptop so that we could get working Wi-Fi). We keyed in Fry’s at the GPS (I don’t know that many electronics stores) and it cam up with ‘Frys Welding’ as its best hit. We decided that this probably wasn’t what we were after and tried ‘Best Buy’ instead. That gave us a hit and we started driving. After whirling around for a good while we came up on the supposed Best Buy which turned out to be just another house out in some crummy suburb. After som cursing of the piece of junk we bough we decided to just key in ‘electronics’ and see what came up. This took us to ‘Renton Electronics’ which was right next to a Wal Mart. We couldn’t resist going in (we had to use the bathroom anyway), and all preconceptions were fulfilled. The store sells everything from laptops to garden furniture. Ah well, to speed it ahead a bit we finally ended up at a Circuit City where we picked up the new laptop and were finally able to start the actual roadtrip.

First stop was Aberdeen, just before the coast. We walked around some, trying to find a place to eat, and the only place that didn’t look outright bad (or was closed) was a Pizza Hut.

After Aberdeen the scenery started to get interesting with a bit of water and a lot of marshland, it was actually mostly like that all the way to Astoria where we stopped for the night.

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