The Orca trip that went bad

Day two we had reserved a kayaking tour to look for Orcas so after breakfast we ordered a cab to take us to Anacortes (from where the ferry to the San Juan Islands was supposed to go). We had just assumed that Anacortes would be where all the other ferries seemed to go from, that is, just outside the downtown area of Seattle. But when the cab showed up the driver (which we for the intent of this story will call Bogdan) acted rather confused and was questioning if we would make it (the ferry left at 8.45 and we were supposed to be there about an hour before and now it was about 7.20). We thought that he was joking when he said that we probably wasn’t going to make it until we found out that Anacortes actually was roughly 100 miles to the north of town.

So after talking it over we called the kayak tour people and said that we weren’t going to make it. The guy was very apologetic about that he hadn’t made it more clear how far it was and suggested that we give them a call when we were back in Seattle before the trip home and that we probably could do the tour then instead. So we’re hoping for that and we’ll be sure to rent a car for it so that we can get there in time.

Instead we had the day off to explore Seattle some more and we started by going to the tourist agency and picked up a couple of the coupon broschures that are full of discounts for various motels in the state (and Oregon as well). There we also found out that the Seattle Aquarium was open, even though it was Labor Day. So next stop was the aquarium where they had lots of giant starfish and anemones. I had no idea that they had so much exotic looking fish in the Puget Sound, I guess I expected about the same as in Swedish waters. But the had all kinds of Nemo-esque fish and also sea horses and a few sharks.

After that we went to the ‘Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe’, which was your usual ‘we-sell-every-kind-of-ceramic-figurine-crap-that-you-can-imagine’-store despite it’s claim to be more of a freak show store. Afterwards we went and ate an all american burger place called ‘Red Robin’ where they had a giant menu with more kinds of burgers than you can shake a stick at (this seems to be a recurring theme, every menu we’ve encountered so far has been gigantic). The burger was delicious though and so was the fajita-wrap-thing Jonna had.

After lunch we decided to check where the car rental place was so that we wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. It turned out to be not that hard to find so we decided to wrap up the day by going up in the Space Needle. This time we walked there and it was surprisingly far. Feet aching, we went up the Needle ($16 a person, very steep) and looked at the view. It didn’t actually seem that high but it was still a nice experience, especially all the informational posters about how it was built and so on. It was also fun that you could, through binoculars, see the some of the houseboats featured in ‘Sleepless in Seattle‘.

Afterwards we walked back to the center of Seattle and caught the bus back to the hotel.

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